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WROQ - Cory "Tuffy" Banner of the PBR 3/9/12

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Fri, 9 Mar 2012|

Stoneman finds out a few new terms from a professional Bull Rider!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- here hanging out with chlorine banner also known as -- the DVR. And fashionable writings coming your approach toward these pilots can. Coming this weekend. What do you do okay have a little bit on this thing I was. You guys when you do this thing I interviewed Sean calling him a couple years ago he taught me how to write him and pool. I thought he was not I thought I was Netscape on the -- but you guys get on renewables all time what drew you to it. Just drill. Don't jump off a house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We really didn't get hurt reliable. All of us not only got rules or rules. Where you've got hurt. A few years that is what happens. Quote that it -- -- -- They quietly. And a -- ways that. To make foolish. Yes. You know listen -- available. -- that you can. And it and it. You. And it UK you once they review it. Well actually normal. Vacancy. Then. You prove that or if there are -- -- mostly. Yeah I think you -- I feel old girl. And then he's crazy as -- But after two months apartment have appealed for awhile. And I'll tell you forget that all the wheels do you tell them that it is feeling coming at her didn't really there or is mark my hours and ghostly little home. And those who -- her. Somalis have a room. Robbers wearing my house that moment that. You know what. That's really really good spirit like you've got and you get I always thought it I think strongly condemning what what you're fuels. Or. Then drove me. Yeah well when you get that's what ideas as he got back -- you give it you can get right back in the competition. -- go straight into it and no problem who's is test be in this competition from this blatantly. Beat themselves. Penalties per game you know -- -- -- -- -- what. He's still he's being -- making. And then look at this which he's. Well here are some pretty in Washington combatant way you have I have some questions -- what's -- I hadn't I may third division making. What else -- -- day in -- -- that all the terms and the PBR website. It's day that was winnable turns upside down or turn and twist on the ground and comes back. That's -- Mickelson. That's what they are -- I don't know. All what's a big. Update yes. I don't think we're gonna what is your straight down theatre though. Her back more often though they go -- think. What else do you human nature. And. Let me Humana is -- get lucky and good luck to you we -- -- this weekend and doesn't let you can't. When I appreciate announces -- politically. Talking MTV -- front I want you --

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