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WROQ - John Boy & Billy Video of the Day - It's HOT!

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  1. wind gusts1:27
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  3. partly cloudy0:19
  4. beautiful weather0:14
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  8. Atlantic Ocean0:56
  9. Richmond0:37
  10. Virginia0:35

Fri, 6 Jul 2012|

Now we know why it's so hot!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome a debate -- dot com Twitter dot barbaric and here comes today's big -- video of the day. What do you do when I don't want to do what -- I. We had beautiful weather here for this week -- mostly sunny skies and highs in the upper eighties overnight tonight partly cloudy mild with. Those temperatures dropping down into the mid seventies. How we got some big changes here for the upcoming work week starting tomorrow and have a volcanic eruption. Right near Charlottesville. As going to make things rather toasty across the area of Tennessee -- a spill out into central Virginia and make temperatures in Richmond at 350 degrees Fredericksburg 345. -- of hot spot 400. Not as hot off towards the Tidewater looked more comfortable with highs near 100 degrees the reason why. We're gonna have tidal waves moving and ahead of this a global super storm developing off towards the Atlantic Ocean this thing is headed our way. But the key to the forecast right before this thing makes landfall it is going to be deflected. By gods -- now a lot can change between now and then we're looking at the latest data will continue to bring you the very latest. I do you wanna encourage you now. -- if you ever do see is sleeping coyote. Do not -- it. That idea OK here's the forecast for Cano 350 -- Monday global superstar among Tuesday. -- -- maybe about one and 200 inches of rainfall wind gusts up to 1000 miles an hour. -- Wednesday I'll be honest I have no idea was gonna happen on that day after about -- how about this finished off the work week low humidity lots of sunshine. With highs in the upper eighties heading into next weekend.

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