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WROQ - John Boy & Billy Video of the Day - Birthdays?

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  1. Helen Clark1:02
  2. Drake0:49
  3. Hollywood1:14
  4. happy birthday0:39, 0:59, 1:08
  5. Happy anniversary2:33, 2:43
  6. mom dad1:28
  7. Manhattan1:41
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  9. England0:30

Tue, 17 Jul 2012|

Some of these folks having birthdays seem a bit suspicious.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well got a database dot com where there are barbaric and here comes today's big -- video today. What do you do when I don't want to -- and. I. That speculative right now you have to be more than happy that the -- -- but it is not what your memory. They've logged hadn't gotten our birthday importantly you know -- -- definitely. Your mortgage patent it but it that we agree upon England. Clinton. Yeah I love you mom but I hope your day. That's -- I am alive and clever happy birthday Mildred come Google. We cannot go with more good news but the evening. Mark. Bradley Drake can't -- fingerprint that occurred to him my health care. There clerk -- fortieth birthday that Jimmy Carly nearly inquiry. They can live happy birthday to my little brother. Helen Clark to a wonderful life and great grandmother -- Brian Jessica and -- and Bob -- happy birthday. Got now that -- -- 32 birthday we love you want -- Hollywood -- -- -- jockey and living. One. Who broke yet happy I'll I'll give you big party go smooth flow. That he gave actor acting. -- gave her mom dad sister and their Brothers. It's gonna happen again Thursday. Emerson and you'll laugh you'll all of my god look at you well. Crater in lower Manhattan 21 birthday at the funeral humming it in the wrong way a little -- happy birthday to my -- The girl I need at my parents happy birthday to my happy life. And we'd have a re happy birthday any different your favorite son in law and managed and been happy ninetieth birthday. And yeah. And here yeah yeah no I haven't heard it here Donna and caring about Lester. Who may tenth anniversary -- -- but it left. Yeah my right and usually got top 23 years ago on this day -- -- you loved usually out. Past error at -- android. We love you you probably can't angry and willing to be -- again. Happy birthday mom that loved. -- bill and may and the -- Happy anniversary to -- many in -- day and then today mark. Are huge market you Anbar. Correct direction. Happy anniversary to it you love you honey -- -- -- -- -- --

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